Common meter signature in Open meter piece

Is there a native way to get a Common time signature (c) in an open meter piece?

Open meter wiith C

Selecting “Common/Cut common” in the properties has no effect.

Open meter wiith C Dorico

No, in this case you can’t easily do this. One option would be to change the default barline type for the flow to be the dashed barline on the Barlines page of Notation Options, then change the gap between dashed to be something sufficiently large in Engraving Options such that no barline actually appears.

This will work provided you don’t have any notes that need to cross barline positions, of course, as those will still end up being tied.

If you really need the music to behave as if it is truly open meter, your best bet would therefore be to use an open meter, then in Engrave mode open up some room for the initial time signature, and add it as text.

Thanks for the two tips, Daniel. With the invisible dashed lines I get tied notes as suspected

The second option works well.

The only problem is that these text items tend to slip when other things are moved. I’ll just check again at the very end of the process.