Communication between DAW and Dorico

Hi there,

Most of my DAW sample player / synth / effect plugins offer AU, VST, and RTAS / AAX at the same time. I was using Cubase before I joined Vancouver Film School and then it was mandatory to work with ProTools because it was their skill-building platform. So I haven’t used Cubase for a long time (since 2004).
I normally work with ProTools to create my non-score oriented compositions (piano-roll style) using RTAS / AAX plugins but now that I have Dorico, I’m wondering if there is an advantage to do the piano-roll style composition in Cubase (using the VST components of those plugins plus the default VST plugin package that comes with Cubase Pro). I can take advantage of the 50% off offer and also the cross-grading from ProTools to Cubase that saves me quite a bit of money so it is a good incentive. But if I’m going to have the same seamless translation and features and advantages between ProTools and Dorico, then there is no point of learning another DAW and spending money even if it is a good offer.

Please advice. I have 2 or 3 more days left on Cubase Pro offer.


If you Google “Dorico Cubase integration,” you’ll find lots of discussion.

Currently there’s not much advantage to Cubase over other DAWs (in terms of Dorico integration, I mean). You can drag MIDI from one to the other. I know there’s definitely a desire to more greatly integrate them in the future, but I don’t know how imminent it is.

Thank you for the quick reply. I thought I check so if there is any advantage I don’t regret missing the deal for Cubase. If there will be other features of integration happen to Dorico 3.x, I can look into it in future I guess (may be wait for another 30 years for the next deal :laughing:).

It appears that Pro Tools cannot export XML notation transfer files, which some folks find much easier to work with than MIDI transfers to Dorico. You will have to decide whether than would factor into your choice, since Cubase does offer XML export.

Thanks Derrek. That’s what I thought. Although I have had weird translations of XML across different applications that I am a bit skeptical. I was more thinking about running one in parallel to the other like the way Adobe works for connectivity between let’s say After Effects and Premiere Pro so you take PP footage to AE and work on certain aspects and then you save and continue with PP which now shows all the changes you made in AE. No really batch transfer required.