Comp tool - Lanes

I know this has been discussed before but I was wondering if anyone had any good work arounds or methods to get it to work.

When group edit is enabled on a folder and you want to comp takes with the comp tool, ALL the lanes that you want to be included in the comp need to be visible on every track. With a 18 channel drum take it makes it an absolute visual nightmare and you can do a lot of editing to find out you’ve then forgotten to include a track in the comp.

If anyone has any good advice about this I’d really appreciate it.


You have to Split your sections/ranges the old way, ie with the Scissors Tool, or Alt + click w/Select Tool.
This way you can have the lanes open for just one of your Drum Tracks, and selections will follow on all tracks.
Folder track and group editing must be in order of corse.

If you use the Comp Tool and drag select your sections/ranges, it behaves as you describe.

But if you are on Cubase 7.5, here is where the Track Versions shine. For multitrack and multiple takes.
You can cut/copy and paste from any track version to another. Even start with a new blank one. Copy good sections from different track versions, to the blank one.
Or the other way around. Choose the overall best take (as in version), and copy from other track versions in a few spots that needs it.

For multitracking drums, the new Track Versions is the way to go IMO. For single channel (multiple takes) recording, Lanes are my preferrable method.