Comp tools problem, take system is dumb

Well, I can’t tell anyone how to work but the lanes and comp tool is to basically choose your best takes, so after finding the best ones you can close the lanes mode and group slip edit the parts you like, or do more.
That’s not to say that cubase isn’t flawed, and would be nice to have the freedom to choose what works best for each one of us, just that things can be done.

I am more worried about fundamental aspects of the program that don’t really work and they don’t seem to get fixed.
Like the Flatten real-time processing that is not working and messing the timing of the audio, which beats the very purpose of it.
Or sandboxing so plugins would stop crashing Cubase.

Thanks to @Louis_R there is a big list of issues that are not addressed, your friend can start with these for the video.—> Cubase Issues

Also, I find the split tool not needed when comp editing because by design the comp tool will split and select the part you want when you just click and drag on it, and that’s way faster for me.