Comp tools problem, take system is dumb

In addition, as you can see in this GIF, this problem doesn’t happen with the Select Tool, it only happens with the Comp tool, which is even MORE undesired.
CleanShot 2023-09-23 at 14.49.20

The whole purpose of the Comp tool is to Comp takes, and if you record drums, like a lot of pro studios do, this is an unacceptable bug that should have been fixed 10 years ago when the problem was first identified.

And as for “my friend is influential”… I offered some easy fixes here

And many people chimed in noting how whackadoodle the Comping system has been FOR A LITERAL DECADE.

I asked how to do it here

Nothing but crickets!

Another very simple option that would help tremendously and would be super easy to implement would be this

I have found workarounds for almost every problem I’ve faced. You guys have shown me some really awesome PLE presets that have made Cubase an incredibly great DAW for just about everything… except for the one thing that I do every day of my life. And clearly I am not the only person on Planet Earth that tracks drums with multiple takes in Cubase… so I gotta swing the biggest hammer that I have.

The ball is in your court Steinberg. Take the 4 hours it would take to program in the solution. Add a few check box options, add some options to the Comp Tool. Its not that hard.

You could even make a “Drum Comping Mode” where all the options/modifiers/Tools are optimized for the tedious, very difficult task of comping multi-tracked drums with multiple takes.