Compact Keyboard Controller

I’m looking for a smallish controller with full sized keys that will fit on my desk. Nothing I’ve looked at online particularly inspires me. None of the smaller ones I’ve seen (available in Australia) have as many programmable keys as I’d like. The Behringer Motor 49 looks interesting. Not sure if having 8 motorised faders with an upper limit of 32 channels (I think) would be actually useful or just a gimmick.

Does anyone here use the Motor 49 with Cubase Pro 10.5? If so, is it fully functional?

What other similar sized controller keyboards are people using that have good Cubase support?

The Motor 49 and Arturia Keylab Essentials 49 are the only 2 controllers that fit my size requirements available in my town, which means I can try before buying, but I don’t mind ordering online as long as I’m reasonably confident something will be suitable.

The answer to your questions depends on the type of job you want to do on Cubase? Mixing, recording, automation, etc. You may accomplish a lot with Yamaha KX61 MIDI Controller. It integrates with Cubase perfectly.
I have also Steinberg CC121 too and I have a foot switch connected to do for undoing stuff and a three-Function Foot Switch for recording. I have a 40 dollar iPad 2 running Cubase IC pro. It works great.

I’d say keep you desk clean, so that it does not distract your brain for doing music. There are great producers who have very basic controllers.

The primary purpose is for recording, but I want transport control, preferably with some assignable navigation buttons. Also, would like to use it for mix automation recording.

M-Audio Code?

That’s a possibility. Thanks.

I guess the main thing that concerns me is the degree of compatibility with Cubase. I’ve read posts in the past about certain functions not working with particular controllers, but don’t know if these cases were user error or if the compatibility is not 100%.

I’m quite capable of reading the specs, but sometimes the devil is in the details. The purpose of this thread was to get some feedback from people who actually use particular controllers and have full functionality in Cubase.

Looks like I was right to be concerned.

I picked up the Arturia Keylab 49 Essential yesterday. The listed specs covered the main things I want, and the size is a perfect compromise for my desk, plus it’s pretty cheap. Not particularly impressed with the feel of the keyboard or pads, but it’s what I expected for the price. I’ll adapt.

However, the metronome button doesn’t work and there are some other weird things going on inside Cubase controlling the Analog Lab plugin that comes with the keyboard.

Doing some searching, it seems that HUI mode specifically doesn’t support metronome on/off. Perhaps there’s a way to get it working using Mackie mode. initial Googling hasn’t allowed me to find the information I’m looking for. Looks like I’m in for spending a lot of time on this over the weekend instead of creating music.