Compare Several Algorithmic Reverbs!

Are you looking for an algorithmic reverb?
I produced demos for each of the following five reverbs:
TSAR-1 (Softube), Reflect (Virsyn), ICRAM Verb (Flux), BREEZE (2CAudio) and Roomworks (Steinberg).

Please listen to the 5 demos and vote afterwards for one of them.
Unfortunately, you don’t know yet which demo belongs to which reverb… :wink:
So it’s a blind test so to say. Go to Comparing Five Reverbs

and have fun with the demos.
Beat Kaufmann

P.S. Algorithmic Reverbs can be nice to produce a room over all - for using them in the master track.

I voted for Reverb 4, but later I felt Reverb 5 might be a little more natural, so I finally think Reverb 5 is the best, followed by Reverb 4.

Hmmmm… having checked your other thread here (the one that got closed cause it was an advert for the BREEZE reverb) some little midget inside my brain keeps telling me that BREEZE is going to win this contest here… or at least become second, but with a hint that it is much cheaper and less CPU consuming than the winner… oh well, nice marketing strategy anyway. Bless you.

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

It would have been very interesting to hear how the obviously advertised plug here stacks up against something like ReLab’s excellent LX480 emulation - it’s also algorithgmic too, not convolution based.
Reflect is a great reverb, but more towards the post market, I feel.
I don’t know the softube one but at least 3 of the others are also surround reverbs too - is Breeze also 5.1 capable?

Will post list in order of preference in a little while. It’s all terribly subjective though - what are the audio files?
(I ask as if they are MP3 then the test is pointless)

Between 3 and 4. Leaning toward 3.


Turns out I chose Steinberg’s own Roomworks as the best sounding one of the five, followed by Breeze. :smiley:

So that’s the explanation: Select then Test " H U G E - H A L L ".
In the meantime I’ve tested TSAR-1 as well.
Unfortunately its factory presets are not as good as they could be.
So I’ve optimized the one for the “long tail” and produced another listening possibility for comparing the reverbs. Click on Another Example on my site.
Tip: Check and compare the ends of the sounds (deep note of the cello, organ,…)
One reverb remain static (Roomworks? Reflect?), one got a natural modulation, one got a panned modulation, some of them are more removed from the signal than others…
Nevertheless, the quality is close together - not so the price.

All the best and thanks for listening

The first test-files where 24Bit “selfmade-recordings”. The second test file was created with VSL-Samples (24Bit as well).
Listening tests are always a matter of taste so the results are not absolute! Nevertheless, with the new listening files you can make out how the reverbs treat different signals and how they sound during the “fadeout”.