Compare two files from the same projects

Is there anyway that I can compare (like a list or something like) two cubase projects files (of the same music)?
For example the current .cpr with a previous .bak from yesterday? Or a backup (with the same name) from last week?


You can use any file comparison tool. But the file will not match. Even if you save the same project twice (especially, when you quit Cubase in-between) you will get different file.

You can also export an XML (selected tracks), what will give you a bit more readable result.

Or you can open two projects at once, and switch between them. But only one of them could be an active one.

Why and what do you ned to compare?

Because between backups I’ve opened an old version, worked on that, and now with so many tracks automations and a lot more it’s difficult to know what I did in each one :confused:
Shame on me.
Will try the xml idea.

Well to me the export section appears like this.

Select all tracks, and use Export Selected Tracks function.