Comparing Cubase 5 versions

Looking at the comparison chart of the three Cubase 5 versions there’s an item titled “Advanced options in Tempo Editor”, only available in the full version of Cubase 5.

So I wonder what that means I’d be missing if I just get Studio 5 or Essential.

Looking it up with Google I found a thread in which someone explained it as “…automation and editing so that you can be uber cool with odd time signatures and tempo ramps…”.

Well that sounds nice but does that really mean that without it I can’t use time signatures other than 4/4, 3/4, 12/8, 6/8 and so on? No 5/4, or 7/8 etc.? No changing between different time signatures? No changing tempo?

Really?! These are pretty basic things…but they’re not available in the ‘basic’ versions of Cubase?

Can anyone give a better definition of “Advanced options in Tempo Editor”?

You can D/L the C5 manual from Steiny’s FTP site and see first hand. C6 is out now so you might want to look into it.

I can do these things with the tempo track in LE1- even ramp tempo… so I’m sure you can with Studio 5 or Essentials 5, it’s just a question of what “advanced” actually means. I think downloding the manuals and actually comparing them is a good suggestion.

And wouldn’t you be better asking this question in the Cubase 5 forum rather than the LE forum?

Ah yes, I agree, but as an LE 4 owner Steinberg won’t let me! That’s the first thing I tried but there’s no ‘New Topic’ button…seems absurd to make such restrictions but they have.

Good idea about the manual d/l.

As for Cubase 6, they seem to have the same limitation between Cubase 6 and Cubase 6 Artist, but even so, I’m making a student purchase and v6 apparently isn’t available as a student purchase.

Love your Avatar, by the way. Jimmy Page = Best Guitarist ever! Led Zeppelin = Best Band ever! :slight_smile:

That´s not the difference you can do all the above also in the Essential version. Full version has more convenient ways to for example add bars in an arrangement and move all the audio content together with the tempo and time signature changes… tempo and time signature editing directly in the project window… Best to check the manual.

Well I think, as suggested, the less-than-full versions aren’t exactly disabled in this regard so no great sweats although I’ve not found the manuals too clear on the subject (couldn’t even find the phrase “tempo editor”!).

Just to clarify, when I said I couldn’t get Cubase 6 on the educational rate, I meant that the suppliers our lecturer has recommended don’t seem to include it.

Anyway, thanks all for your responses.