Comparison EQ bug - channel unlinks itself

This is a bug involving the spectral comparison eq.
-Select an audio channel
-in the comparison eq drop down menu select another track to compare eq curve.
-press play and it should work as expected.
-close channel settings
-select another audio track
-go back to the track with comparison eq

The previously linked track has disappeared from the comparison menu. This means you have to repeat the selection process every single time you come back to this track. Very time consuming over the course of a mix. I’ve demonstrated this bug on two different machines running 10.5.20

It’s such a great feature, but it’s unusable in its current state. I’ll have to go back to using FabFilter ProQ3 comparison eq.

yes I confirm that it don’t remember the settings like you described.

if it is by design or a bug I guess could be discussed. I would prefer that it remembers the settings, i’d rather turn it off if I don’t want it active anymore

Can someone at Steinberg confirm whether or not this is a bug or a “feature?” thx