Comparisonics : spectral colored waveforms


I jumped back upon the Cubase train (since 2006!) and have a great time doing so, I haven’t found many things I disliked, actually did quite some complex multitrack editing and arranging today, without any re-training, which speaks volumes about its intuitiveness.

Coming from Reaper (and Logic, PT, Live) I only have one suggestion so far, it is Comparisonics waveform display.

It displays your waveform with different colors depending on the frequency energy of your source, you can scale it how you want but by default it displays :

  • blue : ultrasubs
  • magenta : subs
  • red : lows
  • orange : mids
  • yellow : hi mids
  • green : highs

Why, for starters : very simple : when you hear a note or sound at a particular pitch but don’t know where it comes from (Faulty note? Where is it in the arrangement?) : Comparisonics displays it so you can see on the waveform where it is pretty quickly.

Or let’s say you have a busy session with 200 tracks, and where is that bass track? Bassnotes would be displayed blue/magenta/red, easy to spot even with all tracks zoomed out, or without reading the track titles.

You can identify all tonal melodic playing by its frequency content.

By also comparing several tracks on top of each other, you can also see the buildup or masking of frequencies : if several tracks have the same/similar color at the same moment, there might be masking, no need to use complex spectrum analyzers, it’s right there!

Adding a visual aide to hearing where the frequencies are displayed in what source can speed up the time your ear hears a sound and you want to do something about it.

It comes from Samplitude, and was integrated in Reaper, must be doable in Cubase.

And spending all day in front of a screen, it looks great

This is what I’m looking for. I want to see exactly where the bass or snare hits are in a track so I can manually move them onto the beat using audiowarp. Is there a cubase option to show pitch / frequency by colour?