compatiable Zero latency Midi Interface Cubase Artist 7

I have been using my Maudio fasttrack pro with a previous version on Cubase and have recently upgraded to Cubase 7 Artist. I have been encountering extreme latency when recording midi with my Maudio Fastrack pro even after downloading the latest drivers. Can someone provide me with a known midi interface that they don’t have latency issues with? Anyone have any experience with the PreSonus Audiobox 22VSL USB 2.0??

My system
Asus x202e
Intel Core I3
1.80 Ghz
4 GB
64 Bit Windows 8

Hi there,

I don’t have either of those interfaces, but before you go out a buy something else, I want to mention something that happened to me for you to possibly look for:

After updating the driver on 1 of my interfaces, it set the latency to a ridiculous ‘4096’.

So I’d check all settings again for changes that might have occurred without you knowing it, as I now do automatically since that happened.

Otherwise, Presonus stuff is all really quite good these days.

why not try the ur22

Here are some considerations: