compatibility question?

I have a AKAI mpk88 and would like to use it in Cubase 9 with MAC SIERRA but I do not see it on the list of compatible software on the AKAI website …do I need to choose a different DAW…?

If the MPK88 operates as a standard MIDI controller I expect you’d be able to use it as such in Cubase with a certain level of functionality. Do you have your midi and audio set-up and working? You may have to construct a Generic Remote for the keyboard as well. Good luck.

As Stephen has said, yes it will almost certainly work at least as a basic MIDI controller.

To get all the various knobs on it to control specific functions in Cubase will, as Stephen says, require you to do a bit of work to build a template for it…though there might be one out there already built. A quick Google suggests there is from Akai, and looks like a helpful forum there for it too.

Good luck!