Compatibility Synthesizers VST Sound Instrument Set


I’m new to Cubase 7 Elements ( 2months) and purchased yesterday the Synthesizers VST Sound Instrument Set.
as advertised (see below) this set uses Halion One and as stated Halion One is not longer default installed and can be found in the “Additional Content” folder on the Cubase installation DVD. Unfortunately there is NO install file represention something that looks like Halion One. All files found on the internet are updates and require an original install CD. So my installed VST files are ‘dead’ and Cubase throws me an error “Helion One plugin missing”.

I spend 2 hours here on the forum looking for answers, till now no luck.

Is there an answer to my problem, can somehow the buildin Helion Sonice SE be used ?

regards Frank


Synthesizers VST Sound Instrument Set is an expansion pack for the HALion ONE* library.

*HALion ONE is included in Cubase 5, Cubase Studio 5, Cubase Essential 5, Cubase 4 (version 4.5 or higher), Cubase Studio 4 (version 4.5 or higher), Sequel 3, Sequel 2, Nuendo 5 NEK and Nuendo 4 NEK (version 4.2 or higher).

With the introduction of Cubase 6, HALion ONE was replaced by HALion Sonic SE. In order to use the VST Sound Instrument Set Synthesizers with Cubase, Cubase Artist or Cubase Elements version 6 or higher, please install HALion ONE manually. You will find HALion ONE in the “Additional Content” folder on the Cubase installation DVD. Please note that there is no 64-bit version of HALion ONE for Mac OS X systems.

I Have the exact same problem. I have Halion 5 and Sonic but no joy.
where can we get Halion One from as it is not as mentioned on the disc.
If the synth set cant be used in 7.5 then a refund will be required.


Really surprised that no admins have replied to this. I have now raised a concern and will post outcome. I expect a refund may be on the cards.

I have same problem!!! Steinberg help please

Left the same note for the Steinberg support Team on August 7th via MySteinberg, till now (August 12th) no response :frowning:

Received a response :slight_smile: where to download HelionOne compleet, not yet tested, Takes 1 hour to download…
will report back as soon HelionOne is downloaded and installed…

Thanks a lot for your mail.
Here you can download HALionOne:

Best regards,

Jan Riesener
Technical Support

Installed HelionOne, all is in working order so far. :slight_smile:

Hi Jan,

I install the HALionOne. Installation was succesfuly but in the end does not pop up asking me to confirm the installation completed.

.hsb files are installed in the directory:
C: \ ProgramData \ Steinberg \ Content \ HALionOne soundbanks

Cubase 7.5 in Media Bay not see anything new.

Can you advise me where I am doing mistake?

Regards Peter