Compatibility with Cubase 12

I am currently running Cubase 10.5 on a MacPro 2014/High Sierra and using an MR816 interface. In order to upgrade to Cubase 12, I’ll need to update my operating system to BigSur or Monterey. Not a problem there, however I’m using a Steinberg MR816 interface. My understanding is that I will need a new interface. Any idea as to what I should buy. I prefer something that can be rack mounted. Are there any other issues I will need to be aware of. Then of course my system still works fine for the type of productions I do. should I just stay with what I have. Thanks for your feedback.

UR816C? That’s supported.

No, I have the MR816x. It’s over 10 years old. Works fine, but not listed as supported under Cubase 12 and I believe it won’t work on any Mac operating system past Mojave. That’s for taking the time to respond.


Not MR, UR.

I’m, looking at the Interface. It’s the MR816x. Not the UR


What? Huh? I’m suggesting a replacement, as you asked

Oh I’m sorry I miss understood. How does the Steinberg interfaces stack up to the competition in terms of sound quality? I was looking at the AXR4T. Its rack mounted (which I prefer) and I need inputs for my Montage8, two mics and a guitar. Any additional inputs are a plus. Thought?

I don’t have one myself, here’s a post from someone who is pleased with it:

Thank for you time.

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Is it possible to use a MR816x with cubase 12?