Compatibility with macOS Sierra

I know some of you (myself included) like to run beta versions of Mac OS X (now known as macOS) so I thought I’d post about the macOS software, since Dorico will run on both Windows and Macintosh.

Apple has just announced their latest edition of macOS version 10.12, titled Sierra (macOS Ventura - Apple) and it’s due for release that fall. Also, Apple is introducing a new file system, AFS, to replace HFS+. The developer beta was announced three days ago, and the public beta will be released in July (Apple announces macOS Sierra will ship in the fall, developer beta today, public beta in July - 9to5Mac). So with that, will Dorico be compatible with Sierra before its release?

Our plan is that Dorico will be compatible with and supported on whatever are the current versions of macOS and Windows at the time of its release, in line with Steinberg’s general practice of operating system support.

So Daniel–does this mean that we will HAVE to upgrade if necessary to that version–in this case for example Sierra–if we wish to use Dorico?

Will it be compatible at all with any back OS’s? ( for example Mac–Snow Leopard, Leopard, etc.)

Thanks Bob

Officially, Steinberg only lists the latest versions of the operating systems as compatible, but in practice, I expect you will be able to run Dorico on 64-bit Windows as far back as Windows 7, and on Mac, as far back as OS X 10.9 Mavericks. That could change if we run into any specific problems on those older operating systems, but at the moment that is what I expect.

However, if you run into incompatibilities with older operating systems, you may well find that our support team advises you to upgrade to a newer operating system rather than being able to dig into the problem in huge detail. Using older operating systems is to some extent at your own risk.

I’m waiting to buy a new computer on which to run Dorico, so that I can keep my old Sibelius 7.5 (and 7.1.3) running as legacy software on Yosemite (to avoid having to buy into Avid’s new Sibelius 8 pricing scams, sorry, I meant schemes).

Clone your computer OS to an external drive, then if you need the old version, just hold down the ALT key on choose that drive on restart. :slight_smile:

Now you’ll have two OS’s for your computer.

Hi Gregory, Apple will not replace the file system yet. The APFS is in there so that we can prepare for it. But replace HFS+ will not happen soon. And also you will be able to use both for some time.

So just relax :slight_smile:

Thank you very much indeed for this suggestion - it’s much appreciated!

I had looked into this idea some time ago but decided, since I needed a new computer (and a new display too), to mothball the system I have and use it for Sibelius exclusively. That way I’ll be able to run Dorico and Sibelius simultaneously on the different systems without switching.

I am going crazy here! Just loaded Sierra and new Steinberg yammy drivers thinking that’s what elements 9 wants and all I get is a hang forever on video out put initialise…what the? reloaded and you name it, but no change. Half way through an album and now this…can anyone help?

Sorry, richo58, but I suggest you try posting in the Cubase Elements forum rather than here.