Compatibility with OS X Yosemite

The final version of OS X Yosemite has been released yesterday.
Is there any information about compatibility of UR series with OS X Yosemite?
It seems there has not been an update to the driver since last year (it was the time of the Mavericks release).

Thank you!

My UR22 caused Kernel Panics under Yosemite. Unplugging it has returned me to stability.

Anyone one if a patch will be released, or where I can contact Steinberg about it?

I use the UR22 with MainStage 3. I never had problems until I updated to Yosemite. I am also anxiously awaiting an update. My problem is that it works fine for a while, but then after an hour or so, it glitches and either stops working completely, or I end up with a huge latency. The only way to fix it is to disconnect/reconnect the UR22 and restart MainStage. This is not good while on stage in the middle of a song!

Aloha guys, AFAIK this now involves all Steiny products

Just in case you missed it.

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I just bought a UR 22 yesterday, but unfortunate to find out it doesn’t work with my new Mac that is running Yosemite. Wondering if I should bring it back, or if there will be an update. The language I’ve read so far sounds ambitious if they are actually going to add Yosemite support, and that worries me.

Hi first time poster here and a bit on the technically ignorant side, I wonder if anyone would be kind enough to respond to my query.

I have read both of the articles posted on here and I hugely regret performing the yosemite update, (it was out of my hands due to an over zealous teenager with access to my computer), and my UR28M sound card now does not work; I have a mid 2010 21.5" iMac by the way.

Are there planned fixes to allow the sound card to be installed on the new operating system? I am kind of screwed while I cannot use it in the short term. The ‘steinberg application installer’ has been no help at this stage although I imagine the clue is in the name and it is for steinberg software rather than hardware. If I am wrong about this, how do I use it to install the sound card drivers?

If anyone has any smart ideas for how I can get my sound card working in the short term at basically any cost, (the computer only exists to record music),I would welcome your input.

Thanks for taking the time to read my message and sorry for rambling on! I anticipate your brilliant replies :slight_smile:

Aloha guys.

@ dangerlascelles. Welcome to the board. E’ Komo Mai’.

Another option would be to ‘roll back’ to yer 'puter from
Yosemite (OS 10.10) back down to Mavericks (OS 10.9).

Here are three links on how to do it.

Good Luck!

What exactly means “it doesn’t work” for you? Is it impossible to install the drivers? Is the device not recognized by the system? Do you get drop outs you did not have with Mavericks?

The UR series is now officially compatible with the already existing TOOLS for UR versions and drivers. See for details.


I’m sorry if I’m missing something here: the compatibility chart states the UR22 is compatible with Yosemite with driver version 1.9.2. However in the download section, the available driver for UR22 for OS X is 1.9.0 which doesn’t work for me on OS X 10.10.2. The driver installs, but when trying to switch the audio output to UR22 in system settings, the output volume is disabled and muted with the message “The selected device has no output controls”. Does this mean an incompatible driver version or am I overlooking something really simple here?

Thanks in advance!

joehfree - I’m trying to do exactly what you mention with Mainstage 3. Have you found a solution? Haven’t bought my UR22 yet as I am holding off until I can be sure it’ll work.

Any advice from anyone else on an interface that will work with total confidence with Mavericks would be appreciated!

I intend to output Mainstage direct to FOH from the l/r balanced outputs, and am hoping the latency will be low enough to live with through my in ear monitors.

I have a full SSD hard drive with the best RAM/processor MacBook Pro I think is currently available (sounds like a boast - only mention it to point out there should be no processing bottleneck in the Mac itself)

Hope to hear back from someone - this is my first post on a forum like this and not too sure how it’s done.

Kashka-78…it appears I have pretty much the same configuration MacBook Pro you do. I purchased the UR22 about a month ago. It’s great when it works but then is seems to just cut out randomly. I upgraded to the latest OS right before I bought this thing and don’t want to roll back (which is what they’re recommending you do to address this problem). Seems like Yamaha/Steinberg doesn’t have their eye on this ball. I’d suggest waiting or exploring other avenues.