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Hi all,

I’ve been a Cubase user for about 30 years (started on Atari) and I’m completely new to Cubasis 3. I have an iPad and a Behringer U-Phoria UMC204 HD that I want to use. The MIDI from the Behringer is recognized by Cubasis 3 LE, but the audio is not. Is this due to the trial version (Cubasis 3 LE) or is this interface not supported at all? I also have a Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 somewhere; is that audio interface compatible? Any help is much appreciated.


You need to find an explicite statement claiming “support for iOS” or iPad in your interface spec, otherwise it won’t work. Cubasis is not to blame, it’s your interface that lacks support for your Apple device / iOS.

Sorry but neither of your two models seem supported.

Steinberg UR44C works well (or the smaller models in same series)

I also use a smal Yamaha AG06 mixer :

PS: Also was an Atari fan in the 80s… :metal:

Hi @robbiemaas64

Thanks for your message.

Cubasis fully supports using class compliant audio devices.

I suggest to get in touch with Behringer and Focusrite to check, if the given audio devices can be used with iOS devices.

If so, normally all it takes is to connect the audio device to an iPhone or iPad. To learn more about audio routing, please see the clip link below.,

Hope that helps!


thank you. It works, no special driver needed.

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