Compatible licences for running older versions

I have just loaded an old XP tablet with SX3 and with using my C11 everything works brilliant (thanks to Dr StrngeLove) so this has got me thinking , what is the required minimum licence to run SX3 , i have 3 dongles registered to my account and one of them has CUbase 7 Elements installed . what do you think would be the cheapest way to able to have a licence for Sx3 ?

Maybe this will help?

so according to that - elements licences are no use - meaning, if you buy new, you’re gonna need to update to v11 artist it seems.

Exactly what i thought , i’ll just keep my eyes open for a cheap full old licence for sale

I have version 11 Artist but I still cant convert my arr. My licence for Artist does wont permit me to activate the older versions needed for the conversion.

My Open ticket with the help desk is over 1 month old and still no response.
Getting fed up with poor level of support.