Compatible MIDI Keyboard


I am new to music production, not a professional but more of a hobbyist. I am using Cubasis 3 on my iPad mini, and looking to buy a 61 keys MIDI keyboard controller that integrates with Cubasis 3 seamlessly (or as much as possible). For anyone here who are using MIDI keyboards with Cubasis, which one would you recommend? What should I be aware of when purchasing one? Thanks.

I have my eyes on the Native Instrument’s Komplete Kontrol A49. Came across a video on youtube where a user showed off Cubasis 2 on his iPad with this MIDI, and some of the stuff mapped while some didn’t. Hoping 3 is better integrated with known brands?

Hi killswitch,

Cubasis 2 and Cubasis 3 are fully compatible with CC-compatible audio and MIDI hardware devices.
However, both applications do not provide hardware controller support at this point, which is on our list for future updates (except for MIDI CC support).



I am looking for just that : a hardware midi controller for my external gear. Accepting midi sync in if possible. Modstep did it well but does not seem maintained any longer.

Please keep me posted!