compatible video editing software

Oh how COVID-19 changes things.

I need to add a video channel to my recordings, and I am wondering what video editing software Steinberg has or is compatible with Cubase10.

Cubase offers basic video editing - you can copy and trim clips like any audio/MIDI event. But, no drawing, gluing, muting or applying fades/crossfades. Theres only one video track and you import all your clips to it. (check the manual).

There are online solutions too, where you can upload clips and ‘piece together’ or trim stuff into a final ‘movie’. I’ve seen some that are free, but very limited; others charge. I avoid these types of services myself, security reasons from the Label boss I work for.

There’s DaVinci Resolve (free edition), that a lot of folk use. Professional grade, very comprehensive - may be overkill for your needs. I too have it installed and used it on occasion; it was a bit unstable - but may have been issues with my graphic card/earlier edition of Resolve. Latest versions are reportedly better.

In the end, it all depends on what level of control you’re looking for.

And remember, Cubase is a bit picky about what type of (format) video file it will work with. So if its format conversion you’re after, this (donation-ware) software tool is excellent for getting output that’s suitable:-

(It will edit video too.!)


Thank you- that is hugely helpful and gives me alot to search out.

Hi, what I have been doing is record the audio on the video and a separate audio in Cubase. Then mix in Cubase and export 48k/24bit. Then sync the mixed audio to the video using PluralEyes 4 software. That software will create an XML file for Final Cut Pro X or Adobe software. I’m on a Mac so I’m using Final Cut multicam feature. Just record the audio at 48k/24 bit and that syncs up nice.