Compatible with Roland Juno DS88?

I have a Roland Juno DS88 that I can’t get to interface with my iPad. I want to play MIDI sequences on my iPad, but want to send triggers to the Juno to use the Juno sounds. I am using an iPad Pro, 9.7 with the most current iOS. I need to be able to import MIDI sequences I have, edit the tracks, which is really only deleting tracks I don’t want to use, and play them using the sounds on my Juno.

I have tried this with Cubasis 2.5 and I can trigger sounds on the iPad using the keyboard as a controller, but the app wouldn’t send triggers to the Keyboard to trigger the Juno sounds.

I haven’t downloaded the Lite version of Music Studio because the import function is locked out. If that function doesn’t work, I can’t use the app. If the app doesn’t trigger external sounds, the app is also useless to me.

Has anyone had experience with this app and the Roland Juno? If not, is there a way I can get a limited access (Like 7 days) of a full feature Music Studio app?


Music Studio Support…care to weigh in?

Hi Steve,

Music Studio can send MIDI note (and pitch bend) events to a connected hardware, if you mean that by “triggers”.

I suggest that you install and launch Music Studio Lite, connect your Juno (by the way, which adapter/cable do you use?), go to Setup / MIDI, tap the black area where the connected MIDI devices are listed and see if your Juno (or MIDI adapter) is recognized.
If it is, tap “Ports & Channels” and enable MIDI output, then play on the Music Studio keyboard, the notes should be played by the Juno too.

If this works, it will also work with imported MIDI files, but this is something you can’t test with the Lite version, since MIDI files can only be opened by the full version. The App Store doesn’t offer time-limited trials, unfortunately.

Music Studio Support