Compelling reason/s to update from 8 to 10 (for non-post guys)

Any significant ones any folks care to mention?

That is, if you’re working on mostly audio / midi tracking, mixing etc. …and not so much music for picture at this time.
Truth is, I barely “need” to be on 8 but, curious what folks coming from 8 to 10 have found that’s appreciable.
Other than sure looks pretty. :neutral_face:

If you do a lot of vocal tuning/tweaking, VariAudio 3 alone is worth the price of the update, at least for me.Whether or not you like it, the look is a bit different and there is more of Grid-based Beats/Bars focus, like Ableton. For music, I prefer it.

For reference, I rarely touch video and 75% of my time is mixing label-based EDM-ish pop. N10 is working great for me and was def worth the upgrade.

Good points, and very intriguing. Appreciate you sharing that.

Wondering if there’s any real performance type improvements that have been noticed from 8 to 10.
I’m thinking the grid based focus could also be seen as a positive for creating more efficient workflows.

I’m all about trying to lessen distractions & the “too many options” type hurdles that can personally be the enemy.

Any other chiming in?..or maybe I should also ask, any compelling reasons NOT to go to 10?

I have been getting a large amount of crashes on N10.2.10.

Everything is updated, no issues with voltages or heat. Windows 7 reinstalled a few times from scratch.

Maybe it’s just me though.
I was having almost no issues and zero show stoppers with N 4.3 for many years.

Nuendo 10.2.10 has been a show stopper in many sessions, daily.

Hmm, I’m guessing you have the latest update. I have to wonder if Mac is more stable?, or not. Certainly Nuendo "used to be’ most solid on PC.
Still, It would be nice to hear from more folks around here on this stuff.

N10 runs rock solid on my PC machines.
If there were problems it was because of certain plugins or strange material delivered by new customers.
Since I test all new software and hardware on a secondary system those bugs were soon figured out and eliminated.
So, we have not encountered any noteworthy or insolvable difficulties on the production machines.
I must say, though, that I have not yet tested all new features of N10 on extended Projects.
There might still be something hidden…
Servus, Big K

For me the most important factor would be console1 integration.

How about Mac guys? …any differences of significance going from 8 to 10? …+ or -

VariAudio 3 & the audio align stuff alone make it tempting.
I’m clearly stuck in that “do I really need this” mode. need being the subjective word.
Thanks y’all.

On my system, N10 multicore management runs better than N8. For Mac users N8 has already been a huge (and long awaited) step in that direction but N10 is even better.

I had to freeze some heavy processed VSTi’s on N8 that I don’t anymore on N10. This, plus reasons emphasised by Getalife2 and folkfreak make N10 a strong difference on Mac.

One thing though, if you like to set your own personal color template, N10 has a huge issue about saving Color Preferences. After banging my head on walls a lot, the only workaround I found was to “not save” Preferences : set personalized color scheme and preferences but don’t save Preferences. They are stored anyway.

Because as soon as you hit Preferences save button, Color scheme is automatically reset to default…

The better Mac multicore management alone is swinging me towards going for the 10 upgrade. Might do it later today.

Wonder though, when one saves a “project template” your track color choices etc would be effectivly saved that way no?

Like chetd I haven’t gone to N10 yet on the basis that it’s all working fine and I don’t want to mess that up!

The studio Mac is on OSX10.12 High sierra, which SB says is OK for N10, anyone using Mojave or Catalina?

I’m using Mojave on a couple of my computers. Everything seems to work well, but I do have some issues-- after working for a few hours I sometimes get the beach ball and the whole system slows down. If I sit on my hands and don’t mess with things it’ll usually resolve (ie, stop) after a while-- sometimes a long while, and I can save and restart Nuendo to no ill effect.

I have NO scientific method as a foundation for this report, but I can tell you that it only seems to happen on my computers that are running Mojave and the latest version of Nuendo. There are a lot of variables implicit here.

My bottom line, though, is that my 12-core desktop 5,1 running Mojave and the last version of Nuendo that still does Transparent Events is the most solid setup I have out of the four computers I use on a regular basis.


FWIW, I landed up going to NU10 & I like you have MacPro 3.3 6-core & OSX 10.12.
The elicenser debacle came back to bite me after I updated elicenser to latest ver. with many error messages.
I then uninstalled it and went back to the 32 bit ver. The error messages then stopped but now have a new issue ensued. That is…

It’s been address in another thread about “se kits / laser beams” error messages and the fix for it. Problem is, the fix involves using the latest ver. of elicenser which is now NOT an option for me. :blush:
I could uninstall those things I guess but, yeah.

Thanks, sorry to hear the e-licenser issue is still live. I had to go to the 32bit app to get over this problem and I really don’t want to deal with all that again.
Can anyone involved in the e-licenser system say if the cause of this issue has been addressed in the current 64bit e-licenser?

All of my templates are based on my “not saved but automatically stored” color preferences.

These color preferences include color scheme per track type (midi, audio, groups, fxs, etc). I find back my color choices when I create new projects from any of my templates.

Though I do not color my tracks per instrument type (i.e. drums = blue, strings = purple, etc).

El Capitan / N10.2 (all 64bit) is very stable on my system. I did experience some e-licenser issues last year on N10 release but not anymore with following e-licenser versions.