Competetive Crossgrade verification time

How long does it usually take for the competitive crossgrade verification?
I’ve been planning to buy spectralayers since the start of the sale but had to wait until yesterday to purchase, I submitted my verification at the beginning of the workday in Steinberg’s webshop hours and now it’s past their closing time and it’s seeming more and more like the sale will end before I’m even allowed to purchase the Spectralayers Pro 8 Competitive Crossgrade.
Has anyone been in the same situation with a previous sale, can you please advise or share your story? This whole situation is now stressing me out a bit with no response from Steinberg support.
Thanks for any responses

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Maybe they are currently understaffed like almost every other business on earth?

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This time of year? I could think of a million reasons why things might be jammed up.

I searched through the forum and others as well and almost everyone agrees: Since a few years ago Steinberg webshop support is absolutely horrible. I’ve been a customer of theirs for at least 15 years, I don’t recall ever having to wait for support this long before.

@Tyrone: I think you just have to be a bit patient and I am sure Steinberg will honor the promotion price / sale for you (even if the promotion ends today). I overlooked my verification email, I was actually verified within 24 hours (= which was Saturday, so the webshop people at Steinberg also work on the weekends!!!). Once you get your verification email (also check spam folder just to be sure), just go back to the online shop, buy the crossgrade, login with the same credentials and all should work for you. Your crossgrade purchase eligibility is connected to your account; as far as I understand, your initial purchase date will be the date that determines the price. So Steinberg will honor your promotion crossgrade price, even if the verification email arrives in your inbox after the Cyberweek / promotion period officially ends.

Let us know how it went (for me it all went silky & smooth).

PS: In case you had SpectraLayer ONE or Elements version installed: I removed the old version first and then reinstalled Spectral Layer Pro 8 after activating the license, to make sure, that the full pro version would register correctly (as I have read somewhere that some folks had some difficulties).

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Thank you for your interest in SpectraLayers!
I have checked the status and you submitted four verification applications of which two were incomplete and the other two were verified yesterday and today.
Please understand that this time of the year and with sales promotions, the education and crossgrade verifications may take longer than 24 hours. After all, each application is checked by a human being, and it can happen that we wake up to over a hundred of applications per day.

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Thanks for the response here, I’ve bought it already.
I was having some issues using Brave browser with the webstore and the captcha failed multiple times. Switching to firefox fixed it. That explains the multiple submissions.

Avviano brought up a great point before they edited their post, on the cart it should make sure to very clearly state the processing time to ensure submission before then or have it say that it will guarantee the sale price or something similar so there’s no stress or worrying for the customer.

…So just to make sure because I will likely crossgrade to Nuendo the next time this promotion is available, if I submit the verification process on the last day(I wont make this mistake again hopefully…) will the sale price still be valid if the verification happens on a day after the sale end?

Thank you, @Tyrone
Usually, there is a “post-roll” for the sales promotions to cover cases like yours.