Competition: 2.10 Update

To celebrate the update to version 2.10 and to follow an old Music Studio forum tradition, let’s launch a new competition :sunglasses:

Version 2.10 has the internal number 2.10.0 which made Alex think of the year 2100. So, the topic is:

It’s the year 2100 and you are a contemporary composer. What would your #1 chart hit sound like?


  • Original compositions only, you must be the composer and copyright holder of your song. Songs that contain any copyrighted material (melodies, samples, audio tracks…) will be deleted.
  • Songs must be posted as .xms files. If it contains audio tracks, post it as a .zip file that includes all required .wav files (Export → ZIP → Include audio files).
  • Additionally, post a link to your exported song, e.g. on YouTube, SoundCloud, or an audio file posted here.
  • Songs can make use of free instruments, instruments that are available in the shop, and user instruments. If it requires one or more user instruments, please also post the .instr file here.
  • Entry deadline is July 31, 2018, 23:59 GMT.
  • The Music Studio development team will vote and the winners will be announced on August 6, 2018.

1st, 2nd and 3rd place:
3, 2 or 1 redeem code(s) of your choice for the following products:

  • Music Studio (iOS App Store)
  • Music Studio all-in-one instrument pack (in-app purchase, iOS App Store)
  • Music Studio (Google Play Store)

We’re looking forward to your entries!

Yaaay! I am gonna start making my song soon but I wish we had done it for “year 3000”. :3


Is it possible to use the interapp function, with Kv, for example?

Thank you

Sure, Inter-App Audio is allowed in the year 2100 :wink:

Guys Deadline is july 2018 but not july 2100:) its time to post songs from the future))
Mine is almost ready. Alex is it allowed to use samples (voices only) from the movies?

Soundcloud: SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds
Files: Dropbox - File Deleted
Song contains 2 custom instrument. Yes, you guess right! Cello again! :laughing: I just love the sound of cello.

I’m not used to make song in this genre but I did my best. Exactly 2m 10s. :smiling_imp: I hope you like it. Goodluck everyone!

Hi im Michael from the future (Michael Music Studio in our old forum).
Im a contemrorary composer and songwriter of 2100. I noticed in the past it was very popular to make music in the style of specific time.
Like rap songs can be done with the elements of classical music, rock songs can have a style of The Beatles and 60’s and so on.
So i made my smash hit song of 2100 with lyrics as a mixture of times - Past (classical harmony of 1950, elements of live and electronic music) and Future modern style with different signatures in one song (4-4 to 3-4) which is popular in 2100.
This song is a message from the past to the future where the past tells about life in 2018 and asks the future to sing this song with the past…
The singer has a voice which is very stylish in 2100. Please dont judge my mixing skills as it is very perfect mixing in 2100:)

P.S. I do believe in the future the songs with lyrics will never disappear and melodies will be still the soul of the music as they always were before.
P.P.S When you listen to the song please read the lyrics in the post below to hear the words properly.
2100 (11.6 KB)
Audio files (vocals) toooo big can send them separately if needed
2100 v 7 (5).zip (13.2 KB)


Hello there 2100
We’re so glad that finally you found it
We’re the people you may never seen
We are the voices of 2018

We’re used to wear with the t-shirts and jeans
Our cell phones have the touch screen
We’re used to breakfast with coffee and sandwitch
By the way do you understand our langauage

we’ll have wi-fi everywhere soon
You might laugh but we think that it’s cool
We use planes to travel our planet
Our cars can not fly over the land and

We love to sing songs it’s so amusing
Hey the future do you like our music?
Hey the future together let’s sing
1 2 3 Sing it

Two thousand and one hundred
We hope that you are happy now we so glad that you have found this
We say hi to future to your present
Once we were all the future too

So what’s up 2100
What’s the music now how does it sound like?
Do you play the guitars or violins?
Does it have lyrics or the melodies?

Did you manage to travel in space?
Discover new planets or a different place?
Can your cars fly up in the sky?
Have you ever met Marty McCfly?

From our side for you we will pray
That you are happy together and safe
That you live under peaceful sky
A magnificent and interesting life

So many questions we’d like to ask
But hey the future let us give you one task
Let the future sing with the past
Let’s sing together You - The future and Us - The past…

Two thousand and one hundred
We hope that you are happy now we so glad that you have found this
We say hi to future to your present
Once we were all the future too

hey guys,
unfortunately i started working on a song for the competition, but i just haven’t had enough time to finish it. I hope you all are doing well, and i wish everybody good luck!

Michael Hopkins


Here is my proposal about the end of this century.

Good luck to everyone.

Aproach to XXII century.

By Midisound

The competition is now closed!

The team just listened to the 3 entries, thank you for the music!
What followed was a long discussion about the year 2100 and your songs :wink:
The voting was difficult, all 3 entries are great songs and transport different moods.
So without further delay, here is the result:

  1. Midisound - Aproach to XXII century
  2. Michael Tyuplin - Year 2100 Message From The Past
  3. frioventus - Drowned City

The winners will be contacted via private message.

Congrats Midi and Friov!
That would be great if the voting team will explain their choice in the next competitions. It will be very helpful for the user to know what were the mistakes or whatever so he can improve for the next time. I shown the task and all 3 tracks to different people and they made a bit different choice. So if it’s a matter of personal preferences or the quality or anything else that will be very appreciated to know why this or that user has this position