Competitive Crossgrade to Cubase Pro 11, and then potential future crossgrade to Nuendo?


I did actually email support about this two weeks ago, I appreciate it’s the festive period and there would be a slow response time, but I thought I’d check the forum to see if I could get a quicker reply.

I used to be a heavy Cubase 4 Studio user, until I jumped to Macbook and Logic Pro 9/Logic Studio bundle in 2010 as it was included in the price of my audio engineering university course. Anyway, long story short. I hated Logic and jumped to Bitwig a few years later for my electronic music production. I had always planned to return to Cubase at some point though.

Now, I have just started working on a few projects for film and TV, some of which is paid, some of which isn’t. Unfortunately, as amazing as Bitwig is, it isn’t equipped for audio for TV/Film. So I began looking for solutions. I no longer use Logic Pro as I’m back on Windows 10 for my studio machine. I was lured in by Nuendo 10 over ProTools and started work on a TV project using the 60-day trial. I really enjoyed Nuendo 10, however, as I’m currently not earning enough to justify the jump to Nuendo, I think I would prefer to jump to Cubase 11 using the competitive crossgrade offer (Logic Pro 9/Studio), simply because it’s cheaper and I can still work with film in Cubase.

My question is: if the film and TV work becomes more regular, I would then consider upgrading to Nuendo from Cubase, to take advantage of the advanced features for film. Would I be able to take this series of upgrade paths? Or is there a limitation on the upgrade paths available to a customer if they’ve come from a Competitive Crossgrade?

For example:

Competitive Crossgrade from Logic > Cubase Pro 11 > Crossgrade to Nuendo 11 (or whatever version it’ll be on when the time comes…)

If anyone could help shed some light, it would make my decision much easier about whether to go ahead with either a Cubase Pro 11 or Nuendo 11 purchase.

With the way 2020 went, I would like to avoid any unnecessary expenditure if possible. I’m unsure whether these film and TV projects will result in enough paid work to justify jumping to Nuendo straight away. And using Nuendo simply for creating electronic music seems like overkill.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.


hi Sam

once you have the licence in your account SB don’t care how you got there…so future upgrades and offers will be the same for you as for everyone else.

if that makes sense ?

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Thanks for the quick reply!

That does indeed make sense, and I hoped that would be the case.

Thanks again for your help!