Competitive crossgrade?

Please, make it so that Cubase owner are eligible to competitive crossgrade. I’m buying a second copy of Cubase 10 for safety and i want to pay as little as possible which is only fair. And yes I’ve read about Zero downtime and I’m not impress. I’d feel much better if i had a second license around in case something goes wrong with no questions asked… Plus i could finally use Cubase on my internet PC for smaller project. Something i refuse to do since it involves the risk of breaking the dongle while moving it around.

Also, i own Samplitude Pro X3. Surely that counts as competitive upgrade too?


No it doesn ´t.

Are you a Steinberg representative? Cause I’d like to hear it from them. Samplitude Pro is cost the same as Studio One so i don’t see why it wouldn’t qualify.

The list is displayed in the shopping cart after you hit the Buy button, so it is accessible to anyone.

No, I am not, but I can read what the Steinberg representatives wrote.

Hi and thank you Steve, I knew that but i was hopping there would room for interpretation…

And what about a second copy, know anything about that?

The sales policies are spelled out in the shopping pages and promo text, so that’s where you’re going to find authoritative answers.

Go to the shop press „buy“ add as many copies as you wish. What should be the Problem?