Compilation of Eucon Information

I spent a little time today on the forum gathering up posts about Eucon and the Avid Artist Series controllers. I wanted to keep a list of all the tips/tricks/issues in one place. I posted these at my website (again, mainly for my own use) but if the information is of use to others that’s even better. I did my best to make everything anonymous so if you have posted about Eucon and you are concerned about privacy/propriety/other please let me know and I can make sure your post makes no reference to your identity.

Steinberg - Most of this info comes from the Cubase forum… I am not sure if what I have done is actually permissible. I checked the terms of service and did not see anything explicit about re-using forum information. If my actions are not allowed please let me know and I will remove the information from my site.

The data is presented in a textual format with no additional formatting. You can use the browser search to find specific words.

You can check out the info at


Nice work, thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

As a “heavy” user of the Artist Controllers, I appreciate every intention to share the knowledge about it.
Your procedure could be a good start to collect such topics.

Just as a hint
I think, to make this better readable, there should be at least some headlines with the discussed subjects, if someone does not search some specific issues, but just want to read through it.

Second hint
As already said, there is an AVID forum. Could be linked within your homepage.
(Probably other linked information as well)

Thanks and Regards

Hi… Good ideas… I will do both…




New Version 3.1.2 available.

Could solve problems within the Version 3.1 - already asked for experience of courageous users :unamused:


Hi you two… I have to thank you… I am so happy that I have found users with the Artist Controllers!

I am following, afraid I cant contribute too much… So… thank you!!!


Once more into the breach… Downloading 3.1.2 now!

Hi… Smooth installation, no ‘driver signing’ issues (as there were in 3.1). Preferences and soft key settings have been retained, operation is smooth so far - no issues… ( Will post this over at Avid too)


same experieces as you have - seems to be a success :smiley:


Thank you for doing this!

You can add this to the list.
This is my first attempt at a tutorial like this.
I find the there is a not a lot of tutorial/tips/tricks for programming Eucon out there, maybe we can get something started here.
This video shows the power of the Eucon protocol and perhaps shows people a different way to use it. This tutorial shows how you can program a button to open the Add track preset dialog, have Eucon type the name in search field of the track preset you want to open, find it, select it and open it.

Thanks for doing this… Nice job! Nice production too… Maybe a good follow-up might be editing inserts/eq?

Ok thanks, yea controlling eq would be a good one. There is a lot that is not in the so called “manual”.

Here is another one.
I’ll probably do eq controlling next.

Thanks for this… Handy feature…