Compile VSTGUI for Linux arm64

Just curious if this is even possible.

Sure, I mainly use Linux arm64. There should be no difference to an x86_64 Linux.

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Hi Arne,
Do you think you could share any code you have for setting up your build environment for cross-compiling. I’m not looking for a working solution, just something to look at that would point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance for anything you can share.

Hi, I don’t do cross compiling. I just clone vstgui and open the cloned folder in visual studio code.

I see. So I would be advised to get an arm64 machine. Can you recommend any particular hardware?

No, what is your deployment target? You could use a raspberry pi 4 or one of the Macs with Apple Silicon chip (and use OS virtualization for linux arm and Windows for arm). But there are many more options.