Compiling with /MT instead of /MD

In Visual Studio the VST 3.7 SDK sets the compiler flags to /MD which isn’t a good idea in my eyes, because it can cause unpredictble problems when Windows in updated or a dll file is missing in the Windows directory.
What is the correct way to switch to /MT when CMakeLists.txt is used? Where do I have to edit them?

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Here you could see some variables used by our cnake:

Note: use of dynamic runtime is better in an up to date Windows OS, you get always the last version of the runtime dll fixing security issues.

In my compatibility tests i found out that software that does not use /MT does not run or frequently crashes on emulated environments like Wine or in old Windows versions.
I experienced the builds with /MT as a little more stable in general.

Loading times should be faster with /MT.

Secutity is not an issue, since VST plugins are not a attractive attack-vector. I do not know a single exploit that has used VST plugins since the last 20 years.