Comping/Editing drum tracks odd behavior

I am using Nuendo 11, but I don’t think this is specific to any version in particular.
I do a lot of real drum recordings and sometimes the drummers are not great and I end up with 20-50 takes of the drums. I have all the drum tracks in a folder and the folder is set to group edit (so any change on one track will be made on all the tracks. I find that this ONLY works if every track has the lanes OPEN. If a track does not have all the lanes showing, it will not accept the group change and then I will get a warning that the tracks are no longer in sync (or something like that. I can deal with it, but when I have 50 lanes for each of the 15 drums tracks, that’s a lot of scrolling up and down just to open and close them all.

Anyone else experience this? Is there a workaround. I hope I didn’t already ask this but maybe I’m losing my mind.

Bump. I find it hard to believe I’m the only one seeing this behavior. Maybe it’s normal? I’d just like to get some clarification.

It’s a flaw in the Lanes way of working with multitrack… When you split and select parts with the Comp Tool, it works like what I think you are trying to explain…

To get it to work across all tracks in the Folder/Edit Group (on), you have to split the sections with the regular Split Tool (or with the key command = Split at Cursor. Or with the key modifier Alt + Left Click = Scissor Tool)…
Then you can select the different sections with the Comp Tool, and the selection should be the same across all tracks (whether lanes are open or closed).

I have reported this findings every now and then… for maaaany years. Never fixed :frowning:

PS. When recording large multitracks, like drums, I tend to use the Track Versions instead… And Lanes for single mic recordings (or just a couple of mics worth).

That said… If I were to track 50 takes to get a drumrecording down (what a nightmare)… I would be gone fishing

Anyway, I hope the above helps you in the right direction

Long standin issue with folder sync since about Cubase 6. There are many threads. It has been difficult to find what causes the behaviour to report it quickly.

Do you have any leads on your workflow that causes the folder to lose sync?

Thanks SO MUCH for the replies. It makes sense that this would be a long standing issue. In some odd way, it makes me feel better that it’s a known issue instead of me being an idiot.
My process:

  1. Create all needed drum tracks (usually 13-16)
  2. Put all the tracks in a folder
  3. Set the folder to group edit
  4. Record the takes (usually way too many)

Now here is where the tricky part starts. If I expand the lanes on all the drum tracks, I can use the comp tool and everything stays in sync.

If I do NOT expand the lanes, the comp tool only selects takes for the current track. The rest of them do not change and I get a warning that the tracks are no longer in sync.

It’s quite frustrating. Opening up lanes on 16 channels, each with 30-50 takes, makes my eyes sore and takes way too long.

Thanks again for the confirmation of my findings.

Do as I say… Split the Lanes with the regular Scissor Tool (Alt + Left click), or set the cursor and use the Split at Cursor key command BEFORE you start selecting the different parts. Then you will be able to select they same part across all tracks/lanes… without needing to open all lanes across all tracks.

Do NOT use the Comp Tool to drag/split/select… This is the part that is flawed.

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I feel so bad for you. When I have been presented with that many takes, I usually listen to all of them, and reduce the amount of “keeper” takes to 5 or less, usually 3 or less if possible.

I make a new Nuendo session BEFORE removing the crappiest of takes, then proceed to eliminate until I am at under 5 decent, editable takes…

Call that session “Drum Editing”. The one where you recorded call it “Drum Recording.”

If the drummer sucks that much, I will absolutely record a different drummer. It worked for The Beatles, no?

If you knew how much drum replacement has been done on massive hits since the 1990s… you would not get upset. And neither would the band.

The most famous drum samples on a hit with an amazing drummer is Yes “Owner Of a Lonely Heart.” Alan White was the drummer sampled on his own band’s album, and still he was pissed off about it. But, it is their biggest hit, Trevor Horn is an amazing producer.

This bug persists in Nuendo / Cubase