COMPING in C6 - Lanes mode

So, although I like some of the new things in “lanes mode” for C6, it does have some issues which maybe I don’t know the correct “alts” or “pref changes”

Problem 1 : If you cut an event it cuts ALL the events at that point…
~ This is only good if you are actually singing (or playing) the exact same thing over and over… If not it makes for a mini nightmare of cuts in other events… It would be nice to have an ALT-cut that just cuts that particular event.

Problem 2: Selecting a MUTED EVENT un-mutes it.
~ This can be either good or bad. A preference for “leaving muted events muted” would be nice.

Problem 3: After a comp is done, cutting the TOP TRACK LANE to drag your comp to, let’s say, the next chorus only drags the “selected comp files”.
~ I would prefer it dragged ALL of the comp (including the muted files) so that you can create slightly different comps.

Am I the only one experiencing some pain here?

It always pays to have a look about.

Hmm. This seems to depend on how exactly you select the events on the “top track lane”.
If you click a single block, then it selects one single “active” event directly underneath, but not muted ones.
But if you lasso the same block, it selects all of the events underneath, including the muted ones.

But here’s an inconsistency:
With midi, there can be more than one active event (vertically speaking)
But clicking with the mouse ONLY SELECTS THE BOTTOM ONE of the stack!!!
It should at least select all the active events, not only the bottom one, in order to be consistent with its own paradigm.