comping in elements 7

hi guys just bought elements 7 how would i go about comping takes using the parts editor i can loop rec takes ok but then they all appear on top of each other and i’m lost
all of the vids and tutorials refer to c7 and not 7 elements so i dont have lanes and very little info is available for the parts editor anyone have a step by step guide or point me in the right direction
(dont suppose next update will have comp tool ) many thanx Mal

comping is not possible in Cubase elements.

comping is not possible in Cubase elements.

if not possible then why have takes at all ?

ok i’ve been having a play and found a way of sorts

  1. cycle rec and record takes
  2. when done only one take will show but others are underneath
  3. from menu select all on track
  4. from menu events to part
  5. double click on take to open part editor
  6. takes will now appear in lanes cursor will turn into finger to select each take
  7. when auditioned and rough idea of best takes select all parts and use scissors to split all lanes at once into chunks
  8. select good chunks (rest will mute) use crossfade for smooth joints
  9. when done select bounce selection from menu
    10 exit parts editor and comped take is on track

probably not the best way open to any improvements