Comping on Midi lanes, selecting one event does not mute the other


I have a midi track on which I did cycle recording. I have altogether 10 takes that were recorded in different sessions.

Now I want to comp between the takes. But somehow some of the takes seem to be ungrouped from the other ones. So, if I use the comp tool to select Take B, Take A does not get muted.

There are overall 11 takes. Somehow takes 1-8 seem to be connected, meaning selecting one with the comp tool mutes the other. And then Take 9-11 are connected and again comping switches between them.

However, I cannot properly comp between all takes. There are always two active and it gets very confusing if I use the X-tool to mute and unmute parallel to the comping.

How can I define that all takes are one group so that selecting one event with the comp tool mutes all other events?