Comping optimization? Your methods

Hi at all,
i think the comp lane editing is a bit confusing for selecting the good part!

1 - If the takes have the same attack and deacy is simply to cut and merge all the event with the comp tool. But if it is not so, is dramatic cut all words (in the case of vocal comping) and merge it into the perfect take. Cubase fill blank space from one selected part to another selected with the part of other lanes, merging not desired part into the perfect take and it mean we work hard to remove this part.

2- Also, with comp tool, if i click for mistake into a not desired part, it select automatically this item. It’s a fast way for selecting, but in case of mistake it’s hard to return to right choice. The only way is to coloring the good / worst part …i’ve made a macro for coloring it with green / red colors. But comp tool is dangerous :smiley:

I solved this way for point one:
1 - Open lanes, selecting all lanes track
2 - Selecteing all item in the lanes and “Nundge down” to free the Lanes 1 (created shortcut ALT + Down Arrow)
3 - If necessary cut items with Comp Tool or Scissor Tool
4 - Select Lanes 1 (Yes, empty)
5 - Arrow Tool, click on good take, or select good range with Range Tool
6 - Copy (CTRL + C)
7 - Deselect Range Tool (it’s necessary, otherwise not work next step)
8 - Paste to Origin (ALT + V). Have pasted the event in the same position of the original.
9 - Now we have Lanes 1 always selected and we repeat only the points from 5 to 8

We have a copy of the good parts in the comp lanes into the Lanes 1. We avoid all clicking errors, because we say the Lanes 1 is the good and we use it ot create the final take. The blank space from one event to another is not filled and we work manually to it. Also is fast create a Track version with selecting only Lanes 1 and “Create Versions from Lanes”.

Anyway, it’s complicated and is a work around to avoid a Comp Tool editing confusing.

To resolve my second point, for selecting the right part i’m using the Arrow Tool and use “Bring to Front” (U), with this we select right take.

You have some personal methods?
Have you found a bit of confusing in the comping editing?