comping/selecting multitrack and multilane recording

I recorded drums in a multi-mic situation, multiple takes in different lanes. When I try to quantize this, it takes a very long time (several minutes in which Cubase is unresponsive and looks like crashed) because I can only select all the takes (lanes) at once, while I need to select only the portions that I have comped together. Also project file size gets really big when I quantize like this. Last time, I had almost 1 GB file size.

Is there a way, only to select the bits that I comped together rather than all lanes (Select All) and quantize only the former? Thanks

It might be a good idea to use Audio -> Bounce Selection first. This will merge your comped takes into a single, easy to process file.

If you want to keep the original track with the editable lanes, just duplicate the track before bouncing and then hide it using the Visibility tab.