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Good evening everyone, given the new Cubase update, I wanted to ask if an update is also planned for the comping track. If I would propose to insert this new functionality, the possibility of fixing the chosen take so that it remains in the foreground even when analyzing other takes and not having to go crazy every time a new take is analyzed to remember the previously chosen take because it has passed in the background and therefore made inactive. remember or color otherwise you deselect. Sorry for my English. Thanking you in advance for your kind attention, I wish you good work and a good evening.

I comp all the time and I personally use various colors to indicate levels of comp choices. I’ve spent a lot of time setting up Cubase iC Pro on my iPad to make this workflow acceptable. In brief, I use yellow to indicate “maybe”, and various shades of green to indicate “strong” and “keeper”. I use red to indicate “no” and I also have a button that sets the color back to the default for “undecided”. If I didn’t have iC Pro, this would be really difficult to do, IIRC because it’s hard to make macros to select specific colors, but it’s doable on buttons in iC Pro. I don’t remember details on how I set it up, and it was definitely a couple of Cubase versions ago.

Anyway, I also wish Cubase would make comping workflows easier. For me, comping is one of the best features of Cubase and I use it heavily. I’ve made it work for me, but I do think it could be easier.

You can use the Project Logical Editor to create presets that sets parts and clips to specific colors and then assign those PLEs to keyboard shortcuts.

Thanks. That’s probably what I did, but instead of assigning them to keyboard shortcuts I wouldn’t remember, I probably assigned those presets to iC Pro buttons. I’ll double check later.

Good morning everyone, thank you for the valuable advice. But, allow me a little reflection to focus attention again on the proposed update. There are other less popular Cubase DAWs that have made significant improvements to the comping of tracks, making everything easier and greatly optimizing the time used for comping, why not insert small but significant adjustments to make life easier for us musicians. However, I thank Steinberg for giving us great software that allows us to express our music. I’m sorry for my english. I thank everyone for their kind attention. good evening everybody.

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@Settimio - I agree! For me, comping is the “killer app” of Cubase. It’s pretty great as it is, but I think with a few tweaks it could be amazing.