Complaining about the price of Dorico 3.5 update

I try to make it short.
I have been a “Beta user” of Dorico from the very beginning.
Payed from the beginning for a rudimental software!
Payed for all the updates!
Patiently waited for basic functions!

Will have no income for a long time due to Lockdown.
Now that Dorico is slowly becoming a complete software, I have to pay for another .5 update.


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If they called it 4.0, with half the features, would you feel it was worth it? Version 3.5 has got more features than 2.2 to 3.0.

I know these are difficult times, especially for professional musicians, but the same is true for software developers. How many years should they work, using the money from payments for version 1?

You are being unfair. Most of Dorico’s updates were free and no one is forcing you to update.
Would you prefer that the team doesn’t release any updates right now, or just doesn’t get paid for their continued hard work?
There’s no such thing as complete software, and for that matter, Dorico has never been “rudimental”.

You could try another notation app instead. Then, you could pay monthly subscriptions and get no useful updates at all :slight_smile:

Yesterday I wanted the 3.5 pro update installer, but it cost almost € 75 !! € 75 for an update? Really?
I’ve Dirico pro for a few months and I have to pay so much money for an update already!
Sorry but if every new update costs € 75, I think it is really a bit too expensive!

You paid for version 3 (and 3.1), and you own it forever. If the team comes out with a new paid update, you can decide whether the features in it are worth it to you to upgrade. If not, you certainly don’t have to.

3.1.10, 3.1 and 3.0.10 were all included in the price of 3.0, so no, every new update does not cost €75.

Yesterday I wanted the 3.5 pro update installer, but it cost almost € 75 !! € 75 for an update? Really?
I’ve Dirico pro for a few months and I have to pay so much money for an update already!
Sorry but if every new update costs € 75, - I think it is really a bit too expensive!

The last one was more than that.

I paid 60€, where are you purchasing the update? Mine was billed to Portugal, but it might be different in your country.
Anyway, don’t let the version number fool you. They delivered an update worth a .0 version number, but cheaper. These people have earned it!

From my point of view.

the developement of Dorico is a bit unpredictable.

The update to 2.0 was ok.
The update to 3.0 came surprisingly early.
Much less then a year later suddenly a .5 update…

i would esxpect not more then one update a year where I have to pay for.
Cubase has a predictable lineup, Each year an update alternating a .5 / full number update.

Here the tactic changes (suddenly .5 step) much less then a year later.

Of course I can stay with my version, but then I have to pay even more the next update (because it sums up)

So either pay for each upgrade or you are out with updates because the follow.up update costs the same as the sum of each single update.

it is not the point if it is worth the money. but it should stay a bit more predictable with either full step or alternating .5/+1 (what seems to be the new course, that is ok for me in principle)

But please not more then one update a year that has to be paid!

Judge its value on the features offered, not on the number. If you don’t need any of the features, then don’t buy it.

This is not valid argument. either upgrade each time or pay the next time the sum of all updates. You cannot jump over this update. Short: each time update or never update. So it works.

It’s a valid argument for me. They could release another update tomorrow, and if I needed the features, I’d buy it.

In Daniel’s own words:
“We could have called this Dorico 4.0 — and I think there’s enough in there to justify that — but actually what we’re trying to do with this release is reset our schedule. Really, we would prefer to be releasing our major releases at this time of year… the late spring/early summer… Because we know that people only bought the update to Dorico 3 in September last year, we didn’t want to hit them with another big update fee so soon. Although this is not a free update… it’s relatively inexpensive."

So yes: buy it now if you want to have the features now, or buy v4.0 when it comes out (presumably not till next Summer), or don’t buy it at all.

Alternatively, see what features you get for your money in a Finale update, or as a result of constantly paying for Sibelius.

I’ve merged all of the various complaining threads about the price of the update into this one, just so we have them nice and neat and in one place.

To those who find the update too soon, or too expensive: I’m sorry you feel that way, but I hope that you will give the Dorico 3.5 trial a go when it becomes available and you will find that it actually offers a decent amount of additional functionality for the price we’re asking for it. It is also very likely that at some point in the distant future there will be an opportunity to update at a lower cost through a special offer, so another option is to wait until then (though that will be many months).

For those who just purchased Dorico after April 22 I believe (maybe April 20), there is a grace period to get the upgrade for free, since you purchased the software so recently. It isn’t super well-publicize. In fact, I discovered this in a YouTube comment of all places.

I was going to say something to the effect of “there’s so much content, the development schedule is so ambitious, be happy for what we’re getting offered”, but then I realized I really have no place to participate in the debate due to my using the grace period. So I’ll leave it to others to make their own judgement on the value proposition being offered by Steinberg :slight_smile:. I know I’ll be a day-of purchaser of upgrades in the future.

I think the same, I think it is a very expensive update for what is offered

I can’t agree. The line editor is simply amazing. The expression maps had a major overhaul. Figured bass is a game changer. And I can keep going. With this update, I can’t say there’s any dealbreaker in Dorico for almost any project. The last thing I was thinking for myself “this is trivial in Sibelius to do, but very cumbersome in Dorico” was hiding staves. They did it and in a very elegant way (you can even hide staves with music).
But if you think this is expensive, then go for the Sibelius Ultimate subscription model for 199$. Ah, you won’t own the software anymore.

The development is unpredictable probably because the team is focusing in delivering finished features rather than satisfying a deadline. I don’t have a problem with that. Daniel stated it clearly: it could be a 4.0 update (and I agree) but we didn’t want to charge customers so soon after a 3.0 in September. And they wanted to have a more regular release schedule by this time of the year, which was also stated in Daniel’s interview.
IIRC 3.0 came later than expected, so actually with this update you saved some money, because Steinberg chose not to charge full price so soon.


I think this that you say would have had to be put in other versions prior to version 3.5