complete change over

:question: a few years back i purchased the presonus fp10 that came with cubase le4 .have no diverse experience with any other format le4 has been it a contradictorial question to ask? can i use the presonus fp10 interface with a full version of cubase 7 or 7.5 windows 7 with all the best bells and current whistles out there for pc.too much fun.i am a professional musician that comes from the old school and has a blast with this technology …fun only… thanks …DAW newb

cracraftdon: I would say YES :wink:

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

PS: I’m from the old school to—And I still import
Analog Sounds and use Analog plugins a lot with the Digital World. :wink:

thanks jack!!! i have seen le4 used in many apps. i never used it… but… will work in conjuntion with my yamaha motif es 88 workstation .i only have used it for simple 3 track overdubs and some created loops for practicing.i most likely do not understand the concept clearly enough (interface) (asio) to follow it through.syntax only ?? i have heard pro tool needs a specific interface .thats why i question the variables with the interface ??presonus fp10 + cubase 7 full version?? is it a workable scenario ??? or complete change over? new interface…? my upgrade will be cubase .maybe i should leave well enough alone ?..too curious ,thanks !