Complete Cubase backup before format a hard drive

Hello to you! I am forced to make a disk format and I have about 10 almost ready recordings, which I can not lose for anything in the world.

I am asking for advice on how to deal with exporting everything to an external drive, so that after reinstalling Cubase LE AI Elements 9 everything will play again like before the format? I mean to preserve all audio tracks, midi, order in projects, etc. such a total backup.

I understand that all VST and VSTi will have to be reinstalled, but is there a way to reduce the amount of work after reinstalling Windows 10?

Forgive language problems, I am using a google translator.

I asume you can just copy the hole project folder with all files to a different disk, (usually a project folder would contain three other folders called: audio, images and track pictures plus the actual project file.) then repeat this for all your projects. If you are using loops from a different folder on your system, I would copy these to the project files folder as well (in cubase) so your projects will find them along with your other files.


Usually each project will have its own project folder wich contains the project file and an audio folder with all your referenced audio and also audio that was referenced but might not be used in the project anymore.
What i recommend you for the future is that when ever you create a new project you make sure its on a seperate drive/partition so that it is kept seperate from the system drive. This way you will have no problem installing a new OS or reinstalling it without overwriting you project folders.
What i would do now is to make sure that every project you have is a self contained project. This means you make sure that each project has its own folder and all media is located inside this project folder.
Open a project and do the following steps

You should use an external destination for the backup feature.

I personally use an image software to mirror my system drive. Each time i install something new i make an image first. This way i can always savely roll back to the previous state of my system drive.

greetings novik

If everything is in the same directory structure, the simplest way is to copy the top level directory and all the lower level folders to an external drive,format the drive, and copy the data back.