Complete expressions and nuances

Hello, I am still a beginner with Dorico Pro and that I am discovering more every day. Would it be possible to enrich the expressions with nuances and with the mapping if possible that one finds in the scores of the great masters like “smorzando, calendo, morando” and many other common things which except error on my part are missing from the software at the moment? Thank you in advance and sincere greetings. Daniel

All three of those are in the gradual tempo change section of the tempo category in the right panel. You can also type them (or anything else you like) from the Shift-T popover.

Some publishers prefer to show these markings below the staff, in italics, as though they were textual dynamics. You could do this using the Shift-X popover if you like, or (for speed) some people resort to adding an immediate dynamic as a placeholder, then setting morendo (or whatever) as a prefix or suffix, then turning on the Hide Intensity Marking switch.

Hello, Thank you very much for your answer. It enlightens me. Good night. Daniel

How can I get the text below the staff using Shift-X? It still appears above the staff!

Select the text item and hit F, which is the general shortcut for Flip. This actually sets the text item’s Position property to “Below”, or if you type F again it sets the text item’s Position property to “Above”.

Perfect! Many thanks.