Complete fiasco..

I guess its a user error, but I have to ask.

I tried VST connect for the first time yesterday and it did not work at all. I have cubase pro 9.5, and my client downloaded VST connect performer on his PC, created a user and nick. We found each other and connected, but from thereon we couldnt get anything done. I followed the user manual to the dot but I did not get any sound, nor did he get any sound from me.

SO heres what happen:
I created a VST connect track, I get the choose port for talkback, and the Connect organizer, all loading text get blue except for loading Cue mix - still grey
an audio track is created routed from VST connect input - and output stereo out
an input track is created with the connect SE plugin
the cue on the new performer track is activated.

I can see in the VST connect event monitor green light on NET SYNC net and perf and I have audio led signal from my client, but there is no way to get the signal into a cubase track, nor can he hear my backing track or my talkback. We tried everything we could think of, but no sound whatsoever.

I always use controlroom and I could see my talkback mic/and backingtrack in the levelmeter on the talkback cue, but he could not hear me or the music. Also in the talkback controll on the plugin the cue does not indicate ant signal from me.

So what am I doing wrong here? According to the usermaual its supposed to be enough to just invite each other create a track and we are good to go.

Try this: create an empty Cubase project, apply “Create VST Connect” from the Studio/Audio Connections menu (was Devices/VST Connections in earlier Cubase Versions). That should be it. Don’t try to mess around and if you do, always make sure to restore any change should it not provide the desired result.
For a more in-depth view and for troubleshooting, see, if all of this doesn’t help feel free to ask again.

Thanks for the link, it did provide some more insight to the vst connect.