Complete list of key commands somewhere (with explanations)?

Checking out Dorico again, and I wonder if there’s a complete list of key commands somewhere, with explanations/descriptions of what each of them do? Not all of them are self-explanatory (for instance: what does “Add Change to 1” mean?).

Such a list would be very useful, especially to get an overview of what’s new in the current version.

It would also be nice with a print function in the KC window, which printed out all the key commands/saved them as a pdf.

And finally - is there a way to search for key commands in the KC window - without needing to manually click all those triangles to allow the search engine to search among all the existing key commands? (And yes, I have tried to see if there’s a way to collapse/uncollapse all the sub-headers in the KC window, but haven’t found it.)

That KC window has a button labelled “Print Summary”… The search field on the top will filter the commands as you type, for all the subfolders …