Complete list with canonical glyph names and unicode

Is there somewhere a list available with all the SMuFL (or Bravura) canonical glyph names with the unicodes?

I need this in a format where both expressions should be separated with a blank like this for example:
e0a2 noteheadWhole
e0a3 noteheadHalf
e0a4 noteheadBlack
The unicode can have a format like U+e0a2 or 0xe0a2

FontForge has a nice function to extract such a Namelist from a font but Bravura does not use the canonical glyph names but uses the unicode as glyph names.
Of course I am aware that I could manually create such a list from but considering that there are almost 3000 glyphs it would be a lot of work! Or perhaps I’m misunderstanding what you’re asking for.

Yes you do :wink:
Try now to create a list in the format I mentioned from the informations you pointed to:
e0a2 noteheadWhole
As I wrote it is possible of course but with about 3000 glyphs it takes quite a long time.

If you are interested to know more you can have a look here:

For example there is a Adobe Glyph List and a lot of others.
A Font Editor can read such a list and for example rename all the glyphs according to the list, but it has to be in a specific format.

See here.

Thank you for your answer Daniel though this is not exactly what I was searching for.
I really thought you would have such a list!

But well, the glyphnames.json file was indeed not too difficult to deal with and I was finally able to extract the data I need without too much work.
So thanks for your suggestion.

For any one interested I attach to this thread the namelist “smufl.nam” as a zip file. (17.7 KB)
EDIT: The first file I uploaded was working but contained some mistakes, I have now uploaded a corrected version.

Here is an example on how to use this list in order to rename the Bravura glyphs to the canonical glyph names:

  1. Open bravura in FontForge
  2. In the Encoding Menu select “Load Namelist”
  3. Browse to the place where you have saved “smufl.nam” and load it
    Now FontForge has internally saved this Namelist and it will be available under the name “smufl” in “Encoding/Rename Glyphs”
    each time you open FontForge
  4. In the Encoding Menu select “Rename Glyphs” and choose “smufl”
    FontForge automatically rename all Bravuras glyphs according to the list.

For the sake of completeness I must add that I got rid of the “Alternate Codepoints” listed in the json file.
I did this first because a glyph name must be unique and two glyphs cannot have the same name.
Second I must confess that I do not know what are these alternate codepoints for :frowning:
An explanation is welcome :wink:

I notice that stylistic alternates glyphs are not present in the glyphnames.json file, why is it so?
For example I can’t find
braceSmall - U+F400
braceLarge - U+F401
braceLarger - U+F402
braceFlat - U+F403

I believe I already found the answer here: