Complete re-install Cubase 10.5

Hi all,

I need to download and re-install my program from scratch. I only used it during Covid but am now back on stage with gigs. I uninstalled several plugins and now it won’t open. I get an error, something about POS, whatever that is.

I’m still using the dongle for security. What’s changed since then? The Download Assistant still resides on my desktop. There are no important projects in the wings. I assume I uninstall the program first? It resides on my D drive because at the time my C drive was too small and Windows wouldn’t open. I upgraded the C drive so there’s adequate room now. Hopefully Steinberg has simplified the security side of the program. Many thanks.
The error is with the e-licenser. “Could not connect POS.”


Cubase and the eLCC should be installed on the system C driver.

The POS error is linked to the eLCC. Try to uninstall it and install it back. Make sure, you install it as administrator, please.

Thanks Martin. I’ll give that a try. So, the dongle still works?

You are talking about Cubase 10.5 and that will keep using the eLicenser and the dongle. The new Licensing system is used by Cubase 12 and later.

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Good to know, Juergen. Thanks!

I reinstalled the eLCC and everything opens fine, although there are a ton of missing plugins - likely the ones I deleted. I believe they were third party but I’m not sure about that.

I still want to do a clean install of Cubase 10.5. Do I uninstall the existing and then double click the Cubase 10.5.exe file to re-install? Thanks.

I must add that, like a fool, I accidently uninstalled the Download Assistant. I assume I have to re-install it from the Steinberg site? Problem is it also contains the most recent version of the eLCC, which I already have. I assume that won’t be an issue?

That is no problem, the installation package detects what needs to be installed. It is better anyway to let the Download Assistant do the updates for these utlities and not try to install them standalone.

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Thanks Juergen. I downloaded the most recent version and will let it decide what to do.

So, how do I re-install Cubase 10.5? First, uninstall my existing version? I’m not worried about preferences. I’ll start from scratch and redo it all.


Use the common Windows Uninstal procedure. The preferences will remain. The uninstaller doesn’t delete the preferences folder.

So if you want to start with the fresh Cubase, delete the preferences folder manually, please.

Thanks Martin. To re-install 10.5 (after the uninstall) do I just double-click the Cubase 10.5.exe file in my Cubase folder?
Also, I downloaded the newest Download Assistant and 10.5 no longer exists on the list. Cubase 11 is there. Do I pay extra for it?

I found the Setup application. I assume it will re-install 10.5 from my drive.

I downloaded Cubase 11 but they need a new activation code, so I guess I’ll stick with 10.5.


Yes, you would need Cubase 11 license.

Okay, thanks Martin.