Complex (composite?) Time Signatures

Is it possible to enter composite time signatures, e.g. 4/4+5/8?

Failing that, is there a simple way to repeat 4/4 for the first bar, 5/8 for the second throughout a track without having to manually enter/copy-paste for the whole song?

Just duplicate instead of copy paste. Really quick to do

I was thinking about Repeat but it seems it doesn’t work on time signatures. What do you mean by duplicate? If you mean duplicate by holding the Alt key I’m afraid it doesn’t work either.

EDIT : The shortcut Ctrl+K indeed works when you select the Time Signature events. I tried for a good 5 minutes and it did not work at first. Now I have done it from the Edit menu it seems to have unlocked the shortcut. Thanks for clearing that out Steve.

Another way is to set the larger time signature and adjust the metronome pattern accordingly.
In your case it would be like the following image but then you won’t have proper bar length.


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Yes, Louis, that’s what I’ve done in the meantime - piece is effectively 4/4 + 5/4 repeated so I’ve set the time signature to 9/4 and setup a metronome click to get me started.

Maybe it doesn’t really matter - I’d just hate to think there was a way that I didn’t know about!

Yes, using the range tool. Edit>Repeat also works.