Complex Idea for "the list"

Hello everybody,

I will try to decribe an idea - with my limited English - that I have in mind since years - for Cubase, because it is the DAW of my choice (and always has been, even when some things did not work perfectly).

But first a “simple” request: Please Steinberg, consolidate the concept of “presets” and “Settings” into one single, streamlined Thing, that allows to finally save, recall, Transfer, etc. all Settings and presets. Maybe you are already on the way to do so with the new “user Settings”.

But here’s my idea:

I suggest to introduce a consequent “Signal” concept. What does this mean?: Consider all kinds of Audio and control Information as “signals”. In this concepct “midi” would be a type of Signal, “Automation” would as well. Audio of course.
In a further step all types of signals should have conceptually identical recording and Routing capabilities. A Basis could be the Audio as implemented currently. Introduce Group channels, effect channels, etc. for all Signal types in the same conceptual way. Imagine for example Automation as a Signal type and the introduction of “Automation effect channels” and inserts, etc. etc.). Imagine that you could “route” an Automation Signal to whatever element to automate and even to more than one “target”. Imagine midi loopback would be allowed just as loopback of Audio, within cubase.
If “recording” is an Option on ALL channel types (Signal types AND channel types), this would open a multitude of new ways of working.

It might be visionary, but maybe there are clever paths from where we currently stand to where we would stand then.

Just an idea.

BR, Ernst