Complex mixer routing


I’ve an audio routing problem that I can’t understand how to solve.

  • All my instruments are hosted in Vienna Ensemble Pro (VEP).

  • VEP also hosts some final FX, like a limiter.

  • In the Output channel of Dorico’s mixer, I insert a VEP Audio Input plug in. Audio is sent to audio channels 3/4.

  • An audio channel in VEP receives audio from channels 3/4, and do its processing.

  • The VEP audio channels is sent back to audio channels 5/6 to Dorico.

Where can I get these channels in Dorico? How can I listen to them, instead of the default channels 1/2? How can I export them as an audio file?


Paul and I have had a quick chat about this, but I’m afraid neither of us knows enough about the way you can manage routing in VE Pro to be able to offer any advice in this area, sorry.

For the record, I also tried a simplified routing:

  • VEP Audio Input inserted in Dorico’s Output channel, as above.

  • Signal sent to channels 3/4.

  • VEP processing signal on channels 3/4. The limiter inserted in VEP show the signal coming and being processed.

  • Limiter out in VEP sent to Master Bus, and from there to Outs 1/2.

At this point, I would expect the audio to return from VEP to the Dorico’s Output channel, through the inserted VEP Audio Input plugin. This is not happening (in bypass there is audio, with the plugin engaged there is no audio signal).