Complex tuplets - help please

Giving Cubase a try after many years with Sonar/Cakewalk. Having trouble with more complex tuplets, for example (8) 16ths in the span of (3) 8ths (in 6/8 meter), or, simple quintuplets, septuplets, etc. I found a video by Greg Ondo that shows a workaround using Signature tracks, metronome patterns and lots of clicking and copying. Yikes. In Cakewalk, just specify the number of ticks per note in the Quantize window and you’re done. In my first example above, each note in my octuplet would be 180 ticks (@ 960 ppqn). Is there a way to quantize X consecutive notes @ 180 ticks each? Midi Logical editor?
I tried messing with Tuplet settings in the Quantize Panel but no love.* I suspect the answer lies there? *[I was able to figure out septuplets using the Quantize Panel, but no clue how to do the 6/8 example]
Any help much appreciated!


What is wrong, if you open Quantize Panel and set Tuplets to 7 and set the basis length? What different would you expect?

Could you add a screenshot of expected result, please?