Complicated Setup Crash On Exit Workaround

I have a somewhat complicated environment that Cubase runs in. In addition to Cubase, I also have Ableton Live, Propellerhead Reason, and Cakewalk Sonar installed. Cubase is my main squeeze, but I like to use Live for a several tasks that it does well, like warping and beats. Reason is an interesting toy, I’ve yet to use it in anger but it’s fun to play with, and I keep Sonar around for legacy projects.
I’m pretty sure my crashes are related to Live rewire, I think I’ve seen a thread or two here about that.
When Cubase crashes at exit, you loose things like most recent files, your snap settings, current working directory, etc. No showstoppers unless you’ve forgotten to save your project first, Cubase always asks you if you’ve made changes.
This usually happens until you have some audio or something more complex than a Kick 2 and a Grand 3 (ideation), in the project.
The workaround is to save the project, close it, then reopen it. At that point you can exit Cubase and still have your project show up in the recent project list, even if it crashes at exit.


I think, there is even a way, how to avoid this crash on quit with Ableton Live. Yes, you are right, it’s an known issue. The problem is the place, where Ableton Live installs its ReWire component.

I don’t know the right answer from top of my head, please search for the solution, there is one.

I thought my workaround would work, apparently it didn’t. Cubase still waits until exit to save that stuff.
This fixed it though: